Christina Ricci and Juliette Lewis, Survivors in Yellowjackets Trailer


A team of talented young footballers survive an air crash. For better and for worse…

No, this is not the sequel or a remake of Manifest. But it will be a question of a mysterious plane crash and its survivors in Yellowjackets, the new suspense series from the Showtime channel, of which we discover the first very dark trailer, before its take off next Sunday, November 14 on the American channel Showtime.

Worn by a very solid female cast around Christina ricci (Sleepy hollow), Juliette Lewis (A Night in Hell) and Melanie Lynskey (My uncle Charlie), Yellowjackets is described as a “psychological horror story” and a “coming-of-age drama”.

We follow a team of extremely talented footballers who become the happy survivors (or not) of a plane crash deep in the wilderness of North America. The fall of a complicated but successful team, which will fall into wild clans. We will follow 25 years later what they have done with their lives after being rescued … ” Yellowjackets, in 10 episodes, does not yet have a broadcaster in France.

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