Christophe Gans announces a new Silent Hill movie for 2023

“It’s a Silent Hill for today’s audiences while being ultra respectful of the saga. (…) For me, it was important to design a Silent Hill in the light of today’s audiences. It It’s clear that today’s horror cinema no longer resembles the horror cinema of 2006. Good for that.”

In 2020, Christopher Gans announced the writing of a new feature film silent Hill. In 2006, the director signed the first adaptation of the famous Konami video game, worn by Radha Mitchell, Sean Bean and Jodelle Ferland, and he intends to stage a new opus of this horrific saga, which will be “a Silent Hill of the year 2023”inspired by recent horror productions, from Mr.Babadookby Jennifer Kent, in Heredity Where Midsommar, by Ari Aster. Here is what he explains to Jeuvideo.comto whom he granted an interview to take stock of his projects, on the occasion of the 4K release of the Pact of Wolves At the movie theater.

“I’m working on it right now. recognizes Gans. There were the Covid-19 years which finally forced us to stay at home. I took the opportunity to write two scripts. The script for a new movie silent Hill which is completely independent of the two previous films made and which respects the way in which silent Hill has evolved. Most of the time, these are stand-alone stories. silent Hillit’s a bit like Twilight Zone, the Fourth Dimension, a place where anything and everything can happen. I worked on a new silent Hill which is a silent Hill of the year 2023 since the film would be released next year… in 2023… and not a silent Hill as I imagined it in 2006. It is a silent Hill for today’s audience while being ultra respectful of the saga. I am aware that silent Hill is a very big video game franchise and a work of art in the noble sense of the term. people who thought silent Hill put a lot of their guts into it. To know them well, they are extremely honest people. For me, it was important to design a silent Hill by today’s audience. It is clear that today’s horror cinema no longer resembles the horror cinema of 2006. Good for that matter. Not that 2007 horror cinema wasn’t good, but every genre is going through an evolution. I’m trying to take into account what I’ve been able to see recently, which is more original and more surprising in terms of horror films, and to see if in silent Hill there are the germs, even the expression of that. silent Hill has always been an exceptional game and ahead of its time.”

Christophe Gans: “The Pact of the Wolves remains a UFO of French cinema” [vidéo]

Two years ago, Christophe Gans also explained that he had a project to adapt Project Zeroin collaboration with the publisher Koei Tecmo, which launched the game in 2001. He confirms today that this is indeed his second scenario written during the epidemic.

“What interests me is to reach a point of balance between video games and cinema, continues the director. I’m not saying that I succeeded completely with the first part of silent Hill, but the film was received quite well by fans. However, these are relatively demanding. I think they understood that the film had been made by a gamer, but above all that I was trying to find the point of convergence between cinematographic and video game languages. That’s how I worked on the script for the new silent Hillbut also that of Fatal Frame, Project Zero for us Europeans. That would be the next movie. By the way, the script is ready. Of the two years of Covid, there was a year of writing for silent Hill and another for Fatal Frame. In both cases, I wrote under the supervision of the Konami and Tecmo teams.”

While waiting to know the progress of these two projects, here is the trailer for the Pact of Wolveshis 2001 film worn by Samuel Le Bihan, Mark Dacascos, Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel, which is coming out in French cinemas today:

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