Christopher Lloyd invites himself in the first Rick and Morty in live action

Rick and Morty season 5 Christopher Lloyd
Adult Swim

A short promo video has been uploaded … to announce a special appearance in the Season 5 finale?

Obviously, Rick and morty has always been very much inspired by Back to the future. So it’s only a fair return of things to see Christopher lloyd land in the flesh on Adult Swim!

The platform posted a short video of 15 seconds, in which we find the unforgettable Doc Brown … in the skin of Rick Sanchez! By his side is Jaeden Martell (from Knives Out) who puts himself in the shoes of his grandson, for the very first live action version of Rick and morty.

A joke ? A simple tribute? A teaser for something bigger? We don’t know yet, but we see the two actors jump from a multiverse portal and land in Rick’s garage. Judging by it by Adult Swim’s post, they come from the universe C-132 …

It is therefore quite possible that these Rick and morty real ones are making their way into the sequel to season 5 of the animated series! Indeed, the final will be broadcast this Sunday, September 5 and it will be a triple episode, an hour of epic adventure with Rick and morty… and Christopher lloyd ?

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