Christopher Nolan’s bomb lands at Universal

The director of Tenet is officially leaving Warner Bros for his next film about Oppenheimer and the atomic bomb.

This is the end. After a 20-year relationship with U.S. major Warner Bros., the director Christopher Nolan (to whom we owe Inception, Interstellar or more recently Tenet) has decided to entrust his next film to Universal.

Last week, there was talk of a war between Sony and Universal: which of the two would win the right to produce the new Nolan, telling the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer and his involvement in the creation of the atomic bomb? If in doubt, the director finally made a decision, granting Universal the profits for his upcoming feature film. This decision can be explained by the choice of Warner Bros. to simultaneously offer his films in streaming in 2021, which had been very badly received by the British director. ”Many of our greatest filmmakers and most important stars in the industry went to bed thinking they were working for the best movie studios and woke up to find they were actually working for the worst service in the world. streaming“, then declared Nolan.

Christopher Nolan regrets Warner Bros. exit strategy.

Thus, Universal wins the bet, as the announcement Deadline. The studio will therefore finance the film, to the tune of $ 100 million, and whose shooting should begin in early 2022, requiring very heavy special effects (according to Variety). If no more precise details have been communicated on this new achievement, it could arrive in theaters in 2023 or 2024. Cillian murphy, one of the director’s favorite actors, could well be there.

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