Ciao Alberto: a (small) sequel for Luca

Disney + announces the release of a short film on Alberto’s adventures in Portorosso.

Screened in preview at the Annecy festival and available on Disney + since June, Luca was for critics at the time of its release a “a minor, but touching, pretty and entertaining Pixar.” Praised by fans around the world for its innuendo on the coming out, Luca offers itself a short sequel in the form of a short film, centered on the adventures of Alberto after the departure of Luca from Portorosso. Entitled Ciao Alberto (like signing a postcard), the short already has its trailer:

In this short, available November 12 on Disney +, Alberto tells Luca about his adventures since the latter left for the big city and school. Engaged as a fisherman alongside Massimo, he does not shine for his talents as a sailor, but fits in rather well with life on land, whether as a human or a newt.

As a reminder, Luca is directed by Enrico Casarosa. The feature film by Pixar tells how, in a very pretty little coastal town on the Italian Riviera, a young boy, Luca, live an unforgettable summer, punctuated by gelatotasty pasta and long scooter rides. He shares his adventures with his new best friend, but this happiness is threatened by a well-kept secret: both are in reality sea monsters from another world, located just below the surface of the water …

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