Ciri put to the test of Kaer Morhen in this new extract from season 2 of The Witcher

The witcher 2 Ciri

The young girl has grown up and even launches an assault on the terrible Pendulum.

Only a few more days before seeing return The witcher on Netflix. Season 2 will take place in part on the side of Kaer Morhen, the city of the Witers, where Geralt of Rivia will bring back his little protégé, the very young Ciri. In this cold and raw castle, surrounded by men, the little girl will be forced to grow up and assert herself.

Good thing: she will give herself body and soul to become, too, a powerful warrior. She will train hard to get there and will not hesitate to face the terrifying machine of the Pandulum, a course of sharp obstacles. The challenge promises to be tough, as evidenced by this unpublished excerpt posted by Netflix (below), but Ciri will be able to count on the support of all the Witchers, who will welcome her and surround her like big brothers. .

This season 2 of The witcher will be released on Netflix this Friday, December 17th.

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