Cocorico: Ten Percent triumph at the International Emmy Awards

Ten percent
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The series won the Best Comedy award at the 49th Emmy Awards, honoring the best television productions outside of the United States.

Imagined by the former agent Dominique besnehard, series Ten percent was part of the conquest of the small French screen in 2015. With today four seasons to its credit and an international broadcast thanks to its arrival on the Netflix platform, Ten percent today enjoys worldwide fame, supported by the many international remakes being created. This fame has also just been crowned with the prize for best comedy during the 49th International Emmy Awards.

Ten percent: the bling bling teaser of the Bollywood version

Renamed Call my Agent abroad, she represents for Dominique Besnehard “French touch” humor, which is why this comedy managed to charm the Emmy jury, as he told theAFP.
For Fanny herrero, screenwriter of the first three seasons, the prize awarded to the series is due to another reason: for her, Ten percent is a mixture of French humor and a very American rhythm. The series is “quite French, but not that “, she explained to the same media. “It’s a bit worked with an American spirit. We have sometimes compared it to comedies à la Lubitsch, which are fanciful. Self-mockery is not so French “. According to her, the success of the series, “it is the graft of an efficiency, a writing and a fabrication from the United States and our French obsessions and neuroses, our messy and touching side “.
Finally, the producer Michel Feller wanted to underline the luck of the broadcast on Netflix, which allowed “with a production we will say ‘local’, to be seen in more than 200 territories.”

As a reminder, Ten percent, which comes in four seasons and will have some soon a fifth, as well as a film, tells the daily life of the employees of the small agency ASK, and the whims of the stars they represent. At the casting, we find Camille Cottin, Laure Calamy, Grégory Montel or Nicolas maury on the side of the agents. As for the stars, and this is unprecedented enough to be underlined, the actors and actresses play their own role by lending themselves to the game of self-mockery and caricature. We find there Cécile de France, Audrey Fleurot, Jean Dujardin, José Garcia or Jean Reno. Everyone is then propelled into a kind of fiction-reality, the adventures of the series being for the most part based on real events.

The season 4 teaser, to be found on Netflix:

Camille Cottin: “When he hired me for Stillwater, Tom McCarthy didn’t see Ten percent”

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