Competition: Win places for 200 meters

“A political and social thriller of rare intensity” to be discovered this week at the cinema.

200 meters,Ameen Nayfeh, has just been released at the cinema, and it is a big crush for the editorial staff of Première, which advises you and even organizes a competition to win a few cinema tickets for the film. The story ? Mustafa lives in Palestine just 200 meters from his wife Salwa and children. Separated from them by the wall, he resists with ingenuity and tenderness the test of distance. But the day he learns that his son has just had a serious accident, a formality prevents him from joining him … Mustafa has no other choice but to brave the checkpoints in a tragicomic odyssey: 200 meters are transform into 200 km aboard a high-tension collective taxi where individual destinies meet the absurdity of the geopolitical context.

To participate, it’s very simple, just fill out this form. If you are drawn, First will notify you by email, then you will receive the tickets directly at your home. Good luck !

200 meters: A political and social thriller of rare intensity [critique]

The trailer for 200 meters :

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