Conjuring 3: crime scene video investigation

Conjuring: Under the influence of the Devil
Warner Bros.

The testimony of the lawyer who defended Arne Cheyenne Johnson, accused of murder in 1981.

The media Ulyces returned to the case that shook the small town of Brookfield, Connecticut in 1981. In 193 years of existence, this small town in the western United States recorded its first murder, when Arne Cheyenne Johnson murdered its owner – Alan Bono – with several stab wounds. It is this same story that inspired the third installment of Conjuring: Under the influence of the Devil, realized by Michael chaves. On the occasion of the film’s release, Ulyces made a six-minute video, and was able to speak with Martin Minnella, lawyer for Arne Cheyenne Johnson, in the very places where the drama took place, as well as with the then-attorney Walter D. Flanagan.

Conjuring 3: the true story of the murder compared to the movie

With the help of the Warrens, Minnella was the first – and the only one to date – lawyer to plead demonic possession. He meets his client for the first time in New Haven prison where he is being held pending trial. The media also tried to get in touch with the main concerned. The video is available below, as well as the trailer for the latest Conjuring, released on June 9 in theaters:

“Horror movies can help us overcome our fears”

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