Countdown 007: Die Another Day Decrypted

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Halle Berry Die Another Day

Pierce Brosnan’s latest James Bond is scheduled for tonight on France 3.

Decryption of Die another day, of Lee tamahori(1999), while waiting to (re) see him as part of the James Bond cycle organized by France 3 on Friday evening.

“Die another Day” sung by Madonna and composed and written by Madonna and Mirwais Ahmadzaï. Light years away from the codes of the Bondian credits, the very noise theme is one of fans’ worst nightmares. And officials: if the title was nominated for a Golden Globe, it was also listed at the Golden Raspberry Award in the category of worst film song in 2002.

James bond versus… Colonel Moon first of all who kidnapped and tortured him in Korean prisons, forcing him to return to a four-star hotel in Hong Kong, undermined like a tramp. Everything is lost… There is also Gustav Graves a Branson-esque billionaire at the head of a diamond mine. Full of himself, fan of media stunts (his entry on the scene is done by parachuting in front of masses of journalists), he has a huge ice palace in Iceland, from where he plans to invade South Korea. : Icarus, his immense satellite made of diamonds, can concentrate the power of the sun, thus becoming a formidable weapon… What if Moon and Graves were one?

The film The old-fashioned and very poorly done opening sequence in which we see Bond surfing is like a film which “surfs” on all that cinema has done worst at the dawn of the 00s. This twentieth film first faces a delicate question: what was 007 doing on September 11, 2001? Answer: He was languishing in a North Korean prison. Suspected of being a little nature, after being tortured in Korean jails, James is disowned by the British secret services, which have only one reintegration plan for him: to watch over the Falklands. To put this good old Bond back on track, the writers are making commendable efforts, as is the director, Lee Tamahori, who tries everything he can in terms of visual debauchery. Problem: his Bond looks like a sub xXx and if the result takes the path of the fantasies of yesteryear (a cosmetic surgery clinic in Havana, a diamond king who built an ice hotel in Iceland, a hot brunette and a chilling blonde), we swim in a a somewhat futile youth parody. In the name of a generational facelift, we are imposed action scenes close to the downright disgusting video game. Same Halle berry does not know where to turn, first James Bond girl to the Ursula andress, then a Lara Croft clone for the kids. Ouch ouch ouch …

Oh James! Tortured, beaten, tramped … the beginning of his mission leaves little room for trifle. It is also the women who will, exceptionally, take the hand. Like Miranda Frost, an undercover MI6 agent (officially Graves’ master at arms). Bond is on edge when Miranda seduces him in the Ice Palace: she hopes to find out what 00 knows about Icarus and Graves. For that, she will have to lie down all the same; in the swan-shaped nuptial bed… Despite this, Frost will turn his jacket over. Her relationship with Jinx is another story: the DVD reveals that a sex scene was cut. There remains a beautiful scene of eroticism when Jinx and Bond make love: at first, she is underneath before taking (again!) Control of operations … Brosnan’s libido was close to 007?) And it was about time that he passes his hand …

The James Bond Girls: Halle Berry, the most feline

007th Heaven: 2

Movie Magic: Apart from the end in the plane, impressive, the film is so poor that it becomes anthological in itself.

Bondology: to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the series, references to the 19 previous opus are scattered throughout the film. The most famous is Jinx’s bathrobe (echoing the intro scene from Ursula andress in Dr No ; the Graves plan takes up Blofeld’s plan in Diamonds are forever ; the action scene in Venice is a tribute to Moonraker, Zao’s Death is a shot-for-shot remake of Alec Trevelyan’s death in GoldenEye… We pass and some of the best. More seriously, when Bond takes the book “Bird of the West Indies”, we can read on the edge the name of the author: James Bond. It is in tribute to this scientist that Ian Fleming named his hero.

The Bondian reply: Miranda Frost: I know everything about you: sex at dinner, death at breakfast.Or in the final showdown where Bond and Graves fight in a plane: “Graves: it’s time to face my fate. Bond: No, it’s time to face gravity… ” before ejecting it.


Trailer of Die another day :

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