Coup du Siècle: Anne Hathaway goes to great lengths to bring humor [critique]

The comedy on two scammers broadcast this Sunday on TF1 is a failure. Pity.

Release in July 2019 at the cinema, Hustles, a.k.a The coup of the century in French, disappointed First despite its funny pitch and its sympathetic cast (Anne Hathaway, Rebel Wilson, Tim Blake Nelson …). On the occasion of its first unencrypted broadcast, on TF1 this Sunday, we share our criticism.

The Coup of the Century remake The Most Crook of the Two (Frank Oz, 1988), who was already remaking The Seducers (Ralph Levy, 1964). Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson replace Michael Caine and Steve Martin (who replaced Marlon Brando and David Niven) in the role of two scammers on the French Riviera, in search of a big pigeon to pluck… Hathaway goes to great lengths to bring the humor, playfulness and elegance that this kind of carefree rip-off comedy, sprinkled with champagne and the sweet memory of the sixties, requires. But the script is lamentable, weighed down by the vulgar posturing of Rebel Wilson, who gets trapped film after film in the same cartoon number. A dirty blow.

Trailer :

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