Crawl is Quentin Tarantino’s favorite movie of 2019

The director of Pulp Fiction is fond of this survival in troubled waters signed by the Frenchie Alexandre Aja.

TFX will offer tonight Crawla highly effective horror production by Sam Raimi (evil Dead) directed by Alexandre Aja (The hills Have Eyes). When it was released, in the middle of summer 2019, it had particularly impressed Quentin Tarantino.

Crawl: brilliant dive into the genre [critique]

If he himself achieved one of the big hits of 2019, Once Upon a time… In Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino has, as usual, given his favorite film of the year. It is therefore a question of Crawl, a sticky and wet survival set in Florida after major floods in which a young woman is caught… forced to cohabit (and put herself on her face) with alligators. Here’s what Pete Hammond, author, journalist and critic at Deadlinewritten about the film by Alexandre Aja and the author of pulp Fiction : “Tarantino says he’s impressed in every way, especially in terms of pure cinematography.“For some, the master has spoken. It will be Crawl and fair Crawl. sorry Joker.

Alexandre Aja shares his favorite scene from Sam Raimi’s movie (and why Crawl isn’t in 3D)

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