Crazier Than Spider-Man, Tom Holland’s Crazy Uncharted Movie Stunt

Tom Holland stunt Uncharted

“On Uncharted I’ve done crazier stunts than any I’ve done so far in my career…”

Available on VOD for purchase since June 16, Uncharted arrives on DVD and Blu-ray from this Wednesday, June 22. Last January, when he broke box office records with Spider-Man: No Way Home, Tom Holland hoped to double the bet with this adaptation of the famous video game, still produced by Sony Pictures. The studio wanted to let it be known that this new blockbuster worn by the English actor would be even more spectacular than his superhero film, by betting a large part of its promotion on the plane scene. A sequence which is unsurprisingly at the heart of the bonuses ofUncharted.

Holland himself says it:On Uncharted I’ve done crazier stunts than any I’ve done so far in my career…”

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In this promotional video, we discover incredible images of the shooting. In a studio on a green screen, Tom Holland clearly gives of himself, to film the sequence during which Nathan Drake falls from a plane and clings to the crates that fall with him…

“We filmed this scene for 5 consecutive weeks! Sometimes, I was downright 30 meters high, hanging on a cable and a spinning crate. And then suddenly I was let go and I was thrown backwards! “

The actor has obviously given everything to Uncharted and confess that “it was really creepy. But it’s also what gives a real authenticity to this scene. Anyway, this is the hardest action sequence I’ve ever shot so far…”

When Tom Holland tried to pitch Uncharted to Zendaya: “What the hell is that?”

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