Criminal: a season 3 on Netflix is ​​still possible [exclu]

Criminal Netflix

Creator Geroge Kay confirms that he is trying to materialize the start of new episodes.

Before embarking on Lupine, the English designer George kay developed for Netflix Criminal, a devilishly original detective anthology. The idea: to film interrogations of police custody. Different interrogations, which have nothing to do with each other, but which retain as common points a padded room, Formica furniture and the essential colorless mirror behind which hides a team of specialized cops.

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After 12 episodes (3 in France, Germany, Spain and UK) unveiled in 2019, Criminal had returned in 2020 for a season 2 a little less ambitious, with only 4 episodes shot across the Channel. Since no news of the series, which has not been officially canceled.

Indeed, a season 3 is still being considered by George Kay, as he announces to Premiere: “We hope to make new episodes of Criminal. But that’s not yet confirmed, to be completely honest. “

The screenwriter specifies in the process that “The show is still alive, so there’s always a possibility. We’re trying to make it happen …” Case to follow.

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