Cruella, Les 2 Alfred: the new VOD releases from 10/29 2021 to see on Première Max

All the week’s video-on-demand releases.

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On paper, this prequel project about the big bad 101 Dalmatians was all the wrong idea. But director Craig Gillespie (Me, Tonya) and Emma Stone (La La Land, The Favorite) have been able to breathe soul into Cruella, delivering us a origin story chic and rock, dark but not too much (we are at Disney, eh), which finally conquered the critics and the public. A second film is even in the works, and we can’t wait to see what the duo has in store for us. To see on Première Max.

The 2 Alfred

Himself in front of and behind the camera, Bruno Podalydès directs his brother Denis Podalydès in this hilarious comedy about an unemployed fifty-something who finds himself propelled into a start-up which prohibits its employees from having children and where Sandrine Kiberlain reigns supreme . Frankly peeping at the burlesque, The 2 Alfred looks as lucid as it is amused at the excesses of an ultra-connected world and we ask for more. To see on Première Max.

An ordinary spy

If Benedict Cumberbatch is now playing with Marvel, he does not abandon more classic cinema. In addition to his supporting role in Designated Guilty, he will have been noticed this year in An Ordinary Spy, where he plays a sales representative who finds himself plunged into the heart of the Cold War during the Cuban Missile Crisis. If you are also told that he has a mustache, you know what you have to do. To see on Première Max.


Its director, Lee Isaac Chung, would throw in the towel. Hired as a teacher in South Korea, he has six months to kill before leaving and takes the opportunity to put a final film in a box. The result: a triumph at Sundance and six Oscar nominations (including Best Supporting Actress won by Youn Yuh-jung). A beautiful story for a beautiful feature film, worn by Steve Yeun and inspired by his own life, which follows the installation of an American-Korean family in a small farm in Arkansas. To see on Première Max.


A teenager with terminal cancer falls in love with a young marginal. Prepare the handkerchiefs? Not really. Carried by an exceptional Eliza Scanlen, this film by Shannon Murphy (director of various episodes of Killing Eve) takes the viewer on the wrong foot, oscillating perfectly between laughter and tears. A kind of feel-good tragedy which will touch you in the heart. To see on Première Max.

And also :

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