Cry Macho: Clint Eastwood rehashes and dawdles [critique]

New Twilight Clint Eastwood. His first as a nonagenarian. A collection of iconic images, sometimes very beautiful, but above all anecdotal.

The trailer for this movie was perfect. Beautiful to cry. This title, already, Cry Macho, which leaves the shivers down and sums up a journey, like words carved on a tombstone. The dialogues, uttered in a sepulchral voice, which sounded like a definitive commentary on the Eastwoodian legend (” This macho thing is overrated “). And then that face, emaciated, that of a 91-year-old superstar, the most enduring in the history of cinema. This appetizer was in fact so effective that the film, next to it, seems almost superfluous. Especially after The mule, where Eastwood was already showing himself naked, as if at the end of the road. Cry Machohe rehashes and dawdles. The story is a pretext: Clint goes looking for a runaway teenager across the border and brings them back to Texas, him and his fighting cock named Macho. Loosely tied up, the plot nevertheless conceals a pretty idea: on the way, the old man and the kid stop in a Mexican village and, for a moment, secretly hope that nothing will make them leave. What if time stands still? It wouldn’t be unpleasant; one could contemplate for eternity the parchment face of Clint Eastwood. As the ex-Dirty Harry is no longer very young, he takes plenty of naps during the film, and the chef-op ‘Ben Davis takes the opportunity to immortalize him as a recumbent, a tear imperceptibly running down his cheek . It is a perfect image to take leave of. Eastwood has often given us the twilight film, but we shudder, as always, at the idea that this one could really be the last.

By Clint Eastwood. With Clint Eastwood, Eduardo Minett, Natalia Traven… Duration 1h44. Release November 10, 2021

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