Cry Macho: new Clint Eastwood is a total failure for Paul Schrader

Paul Schrader / Clint Eastwood
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“Has any major American director ever made such a bad movie since Howard Hawks’ Favorite Man Sport?”

Director Paul Schrader, whose new feature film The Card Counter continues his promotion in France (after the Deauville Festival), recently gave his opinion on Clint Eastwood’s new film on Facebook, Cry Macho, which is for him the worst film directed by a filmmaker as important as Eastwood.

Clint Eastwood is back in the Cry Macho trailer

Returning to what he considers to be a “Give Way” from which Clint Eastwood would benefit on the pretext of his great career, he presents his reflection in a Facebook post in a tone that regulars know him well. For him, Cry Macho is a failure on all fronts: “But did an important American director make a film as bad as Cry Macho since Man’s favorite sport by Howard Hawks? He fails in all areas: script, lighting, locations, sets, props, costumes and casting. “

The director expands his thinking, explaining that “the stylizations of macho westerns” are not hijacked as one might expect, and on the contrary, nothing new is brought about by the film. “Sure, Clint is entitled to a few passages full of clichés about the futility of male chauvinism, but they only have value because a Inspector Harry shrunk gives them the floor. These reflections on the character had value thirty years ago. “

Ultimately, without succeeding in creating a true critique of machismo, the feature almost looks like a bad series of excuses, considers the screenwriter of Taxi Driver. “It was like listening to a criminal apologize to the family of his victims in the hope that the judge will grant him a less severe sentence”, concludes Schrader.

As a reminder, Cry Macho tells how a former rodeo star (Clint Eastwood), turned horse breeder, accepts the mission entrusted to him by one of his former bosses: to go to Mexico to bring back his young son, who lives with his alcoholic mother. The feature film will be released in France on November 10. The Card Counter is expected in theaters on December 1st.

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