Cursed: Netflix’s Arthurian Series Canceled, No Season 2

Cursed Netflix

The series worn by Katherine Langford will only last ten episodes.

Released a year ago, Cursed clearly did not delight Netflix. This variation of the Arthurian legend around the Lady of the Lake, by the comic star Frank Miller (Sin city) with the help of the screenwriter Tom wheeler (who had signed The Cape at the time) is already canceled. Cursed will not have season 2.

Cursed: our review of the Netflix series

TV Line, which confirms the information, does not give more specific details regarding the reasons for this cancellation. But the very lukewarm reviews that followed the release of the fantasy drama, coupled with the complete lack of positive buzz, certainly prompted the streamer not to go more in this budget production. And despite the popularity of Katherine langford, Netflix star revealed by 13 Reasons Why and who hope to confirm with Cursed.

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