Cyrano by Joe Wright will not be released in cinemas in France

The musical with Peter Dinklage was to be released on March 30.

Yesterday afternoon, the Universal studio officially announced that the French release of Cyrano was cancelled. For DTV or SVOD output? It’s not even sure. According to our colleagues from French Film, “the decision of a possible diffusion on a platform of streaming by subscription, or directly on video, is not stopped yet.”

Adaptation of a 2018 English musical adapting the play itself Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand and directed by Joe Wright (The Dark Hours) , Cyrano with Peter Dinklage in the title role was to be released on March 30 with us. It seems that its disappointing box office in the USA (2.6 million dollars for a budget of 30) where it was released at the end of December sounded the death knell for the theatrical release of the film.

Well received by American critics, Cyrano however, garnered two Golden Globe nominations (Best Picture and Best Actor in the comedy/musical category). Waiting to hear more about how we’ll see Cyrano in France, you are given a few words from the last scene of the play, words of circumstance: “We do not fight in the hope of success (…) it’s much more beautiful when it’s useless”.

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