Damian Lewis opens up about Trillions after shock over Season 5 finale

Damian Lewis Billions

“I always felt that would be enough”.

Bobby Axelrod’s story spanned five seasons and in the last few days, in the Season 5 finale of Trillions, Damian lewis bowed out. Attention spoilers!

Ax went on the run in Switzerland to escape prison and the prosecution of the Attorney General (Paul Giamatti). “So that’s what it feels like to lose …“will say his character by way of farewell. Bobby Axelrod is leaving but the series will continue without him, from Sunday January 23, 2022, with a season 6 and a new rich bastard (Corey Stoll). Homeland, so it’s still a Showtime series that Damian lewis leaves in mid-flight.

Five years of playing Bobby Axelrod is the longest time I’ve spent playing a character. Every bit of Ax Vs. Chuck has been explored. It had become difficult to continue to use this dynamic in a creative way. We know him by heart now“, justified, Lewis to the New York Times.

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The actor clarifies that the death of his wife, actress Helen McCory (Penny Dreadful), last April, did not play on his decision. Indeed, his contract with Trillions has always been five seasons. “And I always thought that would be enough “.

That being said, Damian lewis being British, he shot most of his scenes in season 5 in London, occasionally bringing home American stars from Trillions. “We weren’t going to ask him to come to America [pour filmer] in this context, just after the death of the love of his life “, comments showrunner Brian Koppelman to The Times.

However, given the nature of Bobby Axelrod’s departure, there is still a chance that the character will return one day:

“There might be an opportunity for me to come back. But for now, generally speaking, Ax has been defeated.”, concludes Damian lewis.

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