Dan Aykroyd is preparing a documentary series on the Blues Brothers

Dan Aykroyd is preparing a documentary series on the Blues Brothers

With the agreement of the heirs of John Belushi, who died in 1982 at just 33 years old.

“Everybody … Need somebody to love …” The Hollywood Reporter reveals that a series on the creation of Blues brothers is in preparation. Not a fiction, but a documentary cut into several episodes to retrace the creation of the duo during Saturday Night Live, in the mid-1970s, then their success in the cinema in 1980. Dan Aykroyd, the interpreter of Elwood Blues, collaborates closely with the project of Utopia Originals, in the company of Judith Belushi-Pisano, the widow of his partner John belushi (Jake Blues), and his son Lucas Pisano. ALG Brands is also in the production of this documentary series which promises to be filled with never-before-seen archive footage of John Landis’ cult film, but which does not yet have a broadcaster.

“Last year the film The Blues Brothers joined the Library of Congress and this initiative, which is the most important in terms of cultural preservation, made us realize how much we still had to tell about the history of this film, commented Dan Aykroyd. Judy and I are very happy to collaborate with Utopia Originals to deliver the only official work examining the Blues brothers, to tell about his creation and relive it with us. There will even be revelations that I was not aware of, despite being one of the people behind the project. In the end, it will be mainly devoted to the artists who collaborated on the film and their music. ” Many singers (James Brown, Cab Calloway, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, John Lee Hooker …) have indeed participated in the film to perform their greatest hits. Dan Aykroyd had also told memorable anecdotes about the interpreter of “Respect”, shortly after his disappearance, in August 2018.

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