Dance with the wolves: return on the beautiful success of Kevin Costner

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Arte will rebroadcast Dance with Wolves this evening.

“In the United States, Until the end of the dream is the film I am told the most about, revealed to us the actor and director Kevin costner, in 2016. The lines of the film are part of the everyday language: ‘If you build it, it will come’. But in the rest of the world, it’s as if it doesn’t exist. I am more quoted as Bodyguard or Dancing with Wolves. ” That’s good, his feature film released in 1991 in France is rebroadcast this evening on Arte. From its complicated creation to its success in theaters (more than $ 400 million in revenue worldwide), then on television, and its 7 Oscars (best film, director, music, editing etc.), back to history of this film which marked the spirits.

Kevin costner is 35 years old when he embarks on the challenge of his life: to produce, direct and play the adaptation of “Dancing with the wolves”, the great novel of his friend Michael blake. A wonderful story where the young American cavalry lieutenant John Dunbar, hero of the Civil War, discovers an isolated post on the border of the Indian territory, gains their confidence, learns their language and becomes more Sioux than the Sioux … nicknamed Dance with Wolves.

Disdainful responses

When Costner solicits them with his project, the major majors respond to absent subscribers: “The western is dead, it’s not worth a nail“The proof? The resounding flop of Gates of Heaven, of Michael cimino, which stuck across their throats. And then what fly has stung the star actor of the moment to remind America of its Civil War and the Indian genocide? The hero of Incorruptible, of Brian de Palma, then experiences a great moment of loneliness, but does not disarm. Worse, he persists. Finally, Orion, a modest production company extends the missing dollars to the equity invested by the American actor. He will be able to shoot a hundred and eight days in the Indian reservations of Dakota.

Kevin Costner: “I rise on the bad guy ladder”

Real Indians, if not nothing!

Costner has a fixed idea: the film must be authentic. No junk Indians played by whites! Dialogue in Sioux language, Lakota, with subtitles. The director places an advertisement in the English-language daily newspaper read by Indians in North America. He chooses 400 people (150 actors and 250 extras) from different tribes. Some will have to (re) learn to ride bareback, to shoot an arch … For three weeks, all take intensive lakota lessons with Doris Leader Charge (Pretty Shield in the movie), originally from the Rosebird Reservation. She knows this dialect, which her grandmother spoke to her in secret. As for Rodney Grant – alias Hair in the Wind, the other hero of the film – he is an Omaha who grew up in the Nebraska reservation. The casting director, Ka-Mook Nichols, of Sioux origin, falls in love with it. And to be honest, they got married and had a lot of children!

Down to the smallest detail

Each gesture, make-up, clothing, weaving, jewel, utensil and weapon is created according to secular customs and traditions. Suits and moccasins are made from real buffalo or deer hides. The wolf, the dogs, the bison, all are real. For music, the composer John barry, first husband of Jane birkin will listen to Sioux recordings for a long time before writing his first notes.

Kevin Costner and his strange first scene with Gal Gadot

The tribute of the Sioux

This film is my love letter to Indians, says Kevin Costner. We exterminated them, we destroyed their culture in order to own their land. I also wanted to show that they have always known how to live in harmony with natureThe actor-director is an honorary citizen of the Sioux nation.

What if … Steve McQueen and Diana Ross had starred in Bodyguard?

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