Daniel Craig knew the end of Dying Can Wait for 15 years

From Casino Royale, he had expressed his wish to producers for 007.

Yes Daniel Craig just hung up 007’s costume with To die can wait, it’s actually more than 15 years that he prepares his release! Yes, from his arrival in the franchise, from the first discussions around Casino Royale, he knew how it was going to end for his James bond. Attention spoilers!

In Paul Duncan’s new book, The James Bond Archives: No Time To Die, Daniel Craig confirms that he is the one who launched the idea of ​​killing the secret agent of his majesty, at the time of his last film!

“When I started out as Bond, back in the Casino Royale era, one of the first discussions I had with the producers, Barbara [Broccoli] and michael [G Wilson], that was about it! I told them I would like to be killed when I was done with the character. “

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His wish was thus granted, when 007 sacrificed himself at the very end of To die can wait, to save the world from the Heracles virus, leaving behind Madeleine Swann and their daughter Mathilde …

A tragic exit which has been kept secret for as long as possible. In the book, we are told that many actors and technicians working on the film had in one hand a fake script, in which Bond managed to escape and was made a Knight of the British Order. “VS‘is the first time that we have to keep elements of history secret “, confirms associate producer Gregg Wilson.

Moreover, no other end has really been considered, as recently confirmed by editor Tom Cross. in Indiewire : “There was never any doubt (that it would end like this) and there was no alternative.”

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