Daniel Craig talks about the difficult realization of Quantum of Solace

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Writers’ strike, failed stunts and improvised scenes: Daniel Craig reveals behind the scenes of Quantum of Solace, for better and especially for worse.

“Quantum of Solace: a real-false sequence of Casino Royale “. This is how it was titled First while the second installment of the Craig cycle of the James Bond saga was rebroadcast on France 2 last November. This opus, a direct sequel to Casino Royale, has since its release in 2008 marked the spirits by its apparent strangeness, making the film a sort of UFO with a difficult reputation.

This reputation, Quantum of Solace owes it to a complicated realization, strewn with pitfalls, evoked by Daniel Craig in the documentary Being James Bond broadcast on AppleTV while To die can wait is slowly approaching theaters – it will be released on October 6.

During this documentary, Craig tells the story of the film, and the many difficulties he may have encountered, the feature film being caught in the grip of the success of Casino Royale on the one hand, and the writers’ strike that agitated Hollywood in 2007 on the other. “We had a writers’ strike. We had a script, it wasn’t finished, but it was almost done. The movie sort of works“explains Daniel Craig, then evoking the shadow of Casino Royale that hovered over the feature film. “It’s not Casino Royale, and always has been … It was literally like the unsettling syndrome from the second album. In a way we couldn’t get past Casino (…). Of course we wanted to do better than Casino Royale, but, you know. “Quantum of Solace, scuttled by his predecessor in short, irony for Bond who always manages to get out of the bad times of his missions.

This chaotic achievement is also remembered, during the documentary, by Barbara Broccoli, the producer of Quantum. We started shooting without a script, which is never a good idea. But the script was returned, and I remember the writer who returned it picked up his check, then took his sign and went to protest outside the studio. We were screwed, and we all had to figure out how to make the story work, and it wasn’t working very well. But I watch the movie, and you know, it’s still a good movie. ” Stunts failed by Daniel Craig, improvised scenes and a script written during the shooting: so many elements that do not guarantee success. So much so that Marc Forster, the director, thought twice before launching himself: he told in 2016 during an interview with Collider having thought “Ok, maybe I should quit the project“faced with a script that was not finished and several other big productions stopped.

Eventually, even if all was not well, Quantum of Solace is, and here is already the end of the Craig era in the James Bond universe, ready to pass the torch 15 years later Casino Royale with To die can wait, soon on our screens.

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