Daniel Kaluuya worries Hollywood: he fired all his agents for a “life coach”

Daniel Kaluuya

Is the Get Out actor under the influence of a guru?

While we should see him again soon in Boopthe next film by Jordan Peele, then in Black Panther: Wakanda Foreverthe British comedian Daniel Kaluuya worries some of his relatives and partners in Hollywood. The newspaper The Post (relayed by Page Six) publishes an article this week explaining that the 33-year-old actor has separated from his agent, the influential company CAA (to which he was attached since 2018, shortly after the success of get-out), as well as its American publicist, Shelter PR, who had nevertheless actively participated in the promotion of Judah and the Black Messiah, historical film which offered him the Oscar for best supporting role last year (it retains its equivalent in England, however). Daniel also fired his stylist and his assistant. Decisions that would have been taken on the advice of a certain Heir Holiness, who recently became his personal manager, explains the newspaper. Presenting himself as his “life coach” on social networks, this 50-year-old woman living in California claims a training in parapsychic sciences and specializes in health coaching,“spiritual elevation” or even of “creating better life relationships”. She would have met the actor on the set of Black Panther via a makeup artist hired on the blockbuster from Disney studios.

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From her real name Vanylla Salimah Mahmoud, she used to be called Heir Princess. She multiplies the selfies on her account instagram (passed in private), some of them with Daniel, for example on board a hot air balloon or celebrating his 33rd birthday on February 24th. Since their meeting for this important film in his career, released in 2018 at the cinema, it would have taken more and more place in the life of the actor. For example, she was very present on the set of Booplast summer. “People on set were very upset to see how much Heir had ‘taken charge’ of DK’s life, and how all of his decisions now had to go through her.tells an anonymous source to the newspaper. I heard there was a lot of friction, and people in production were scared of her.” Another comments: “Was everyone a Heir fan on that shoot? No.” “She has completely marginalized her usual teamworries another. Many artists in Hollywood work with spiritual advisors, who guide and support them, but to see him walk away from his agent and publicists like this is unusual. Really weird.”

The article also details that during the promotional marathon planned in the United States around Judas and the Black Messiah, Daniel Kaluyaa flew back to Los Angeles every week to see Heir Holiness again and follow his advice, do mental exercises alongside him, and follow a plant-based weight loss diet. He also specifies that the actor has been single for a few months, and wonders if “Heir did not influence his last separation”. Contacted by The Post in the context of the publication of this alarming article, the person concerned nevertheless assures that she is not his employee. “People say I work for Daniel Kaluuya? I would love to work for Daniel Kaluuya!” She adds that she only met him a few times, yet she said before the publication of the paper on her Linkedin account that she was “his personal manager” (this mention has since been deleted). For its part, the agency CAA confirmed via its spokesperson that they no longer represent the actor: “I can confirm that Daniel Kaluuya is not a client of our agency.”

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