Danny DeVito writes a comic book about The Penguin for the character’s 80th birthday

The Batman: The Challenge actor is participating in a special anniversary issue.

The first ones Batman, produced by Tim Burton in 1989 and 1992, are back in the news this summer. As DC releases a sequel to the first comic book, inspired by an aborted film script, and Michael Keaton returns to the Dark Knight costume for The Flash, we learn by Games Radar than Danny DeVito participates in the writing of an anniversary issue on the Penguin, to celebrate the character’s 80th birthday.

Gotham City Villains Anniversary Giants
DC Comics

The American site unveils the cover of this collector’s issue entitled Gotham City Villains Anniversary Giants, which will be published by DC Comics on November 30 to celebrate the first appearance of the super-villain played by DeVito in the 1992 film. The character was indeed born in 1941, in issue 58 of DC Comics. The details of this untold story are unknown, but he will be surrounded by many renowned authors and designers: Wes Craig (Deadly Class), Gwendolyn Willow Wilson (Ms Marvel), Stephanie Phillips (Legends of the Dark Knight), Dan Watters (Lucifer), Emma Rios (Pretty deadly), Riccardo Federici (The Last God), Gabriel Walta (Vision) …

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