Dany Boon and Jérôme Commandeur: a friendship that lasts

Dany Boon and Jérôme Commandeur: a friendship that lasts

Dany produced My family already adores you, Jérôme’s first film, rebroadcast tonight on France 3.

At 9:10 p.m., the third channel will offer the comedy of Jerome Commander My family already adores you. The pitch? “Julien (Arthur Dupont), a good-natured and modest 30-something, creator of smartphone applications, is madly in love with Eva (Déborah François), a journalist in the professional press. After accepting Julien’s marriage proposal, Eva is obliged to introduce him to his parents who live on the Ile de Ré (Marie-Anne Chazel and Thierry Lhermitte).During a weekend of crazy adventures, Julien will blow up his future in-laws who were only holding on. by lies and pretences…”

Released in 2016, it was co-produced by Dany Boonthe comedian, actor and director who is none other than the artist who discovered Jérôme Commandeur on stage in the mid-2000s, and who staged his show Jérôme Commandeur is discreetin 2008.

A year later, he offered her a supporting role in Welcome to the Ch’tisthe French film of all records, and since then, the two friends have never left each other, or almost: Commandeur appears in Nothing to report and Superchondriactwo other hit comedies directed by Boon in 2010 and 2014.

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Trailer of My family already adores you, that Jérôme co-directed with Alan Corno:

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