Dany Boon: “I am vaccinated, my children are vaccinated, my dog ​​is also vaccinated!”

With 8, rue de l’Humanité, the director of Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis signs the first real comedy on the Covid. Meet.

With 8 rue de l’Humanité, the filmmaker ch’ti signs both the first (real) confinement film, a return to his social and humanist cinema and his arrival on the platform with the red logo. Meet.

A few days ago, Netflix uploaded the new comedy from Dany boon, 8 rue de l ‘Humanity. Here is an excerpt from his interview in Premiere n ° 523, with Adam Driver on the cover, which has just been released on newsstands. The director of Welcome to the Ch’tis looks back on the making of this film inspired by confinement and co-written with his partner Laurence Arné, explains why he signed with the platform while remaining faithful to Pathé, as well as the reasons which push him to refuse to shoot the sequels of his enormous success of 2009. He also returns to the background of the film, the Covid-19 epidemic, which he caught shortly before filming, and which woke up his hypochondria.

Summary of Premiere n ° 523: Adam Driver, Clint Eastwood, Les Eternels, Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, Dany Boon, Edgar Wright …

It took him a pandemic to recover. In 8 rue de l’Humanité, Dany Boon lets go of the burlesque a bit ” out of time “ and the post-Veber comedy of his last films, to return to the socio fiber of his beginnings and his shows. A comedy based on swabs as long as the arm, hydroalcoholic gel swallowed dry ass and diving mask by way of FFP2 … We follow through the floors the tense daily life of a few occupants of a Parisian building facing quarantine imposed. There is the hypochondriac press cartoonist (Dany Boon), his lawyer wife (Laurence Arné), the young couple of youtubers (Tom Leeb and Alison Wheeler) and the big brother-in-law with conspi tendency (François Damiens, hilarious). Everyone will have to learn, of course, a new form of living together while the mad scientist on the ground floor searches for a vaccine (Yvan Attal). It is therefore not a confinement film – we have already seen some, for the better (Malcolm & Marie) as for the worst (Connected) -, but the first film on confinement, which indicates a certain ambition. It is also the very first big French comedy produced and broadcast by Netflix, which generates a major redistribution of the cards. But beyond “First times” and flaws inherent in Boon’s cinema, the film is especially likely to mark the spirits by its incredibly cathartic aspect, and therefore completely unifying. For the first time, we had the impression that this story belonged to the past. Dany Boon would he have found the miracle cure to heal the country? The person concerned answers us by Zoom, in the strictest respect of barrier gestures, therefore.

What we will remember, in part, of the Covid is the opposition between two France: the “Reassuring” vs alarmists, pro-vax vs anti-vax, pro-pass vs anti-pass, etc. Strangely, in all the sociotypes that populate your film, one is missing which is determining, the one which is opposed to everything.

It is there, it is the character of François Damiens.

It is quite open, all the same …

Ah? Yet he clearly says: “The Covid is an invention to reduce the world’s population. ” We read it, we heard it and we put it in the mouth of the character of Damiens. But we don’t develop more than that.

Yes and most importantly, you are offering him real redemption, as if he doesn’t really believe what he has been saying from the start. Basically, it was the expression of anger more than a conviction.

Showcasing a completely conspiratorial character – and by filming it we necessarily highlight it – was a bit complex. I have the impression that these people are on the margins. They make noise, but basically there aren’t many of them. And then… it’s hard to define. Does not wanting to be vaccinated mean being a conspirator? Well, I am vaccinated, my children are vaccinated, my dog ​​is vaccinated too! But I have the impression that this apprehension, this fear of the vaccine, therefore of the novelty is a very common fault of the human race. Do you remember when microwaves hit every kitchen, we all got scared about this thing. You shouldn’t get too close and even less open it when it was spinning, because the waves would come out and radiate your face! Well, no one has ever caught cancer because of the microwave door not closed properly, I think. But I am sure that despite everything, you always press Stop before opening your oven. I am wrong ?


Well me too, I do the same! I press Stop THEN I open. Always. It is a stupid, irrational scare and yet, it entered the collective unconscious… The film tells it in its own way: we must show a lot of indulgence and understanding in the face of the fears of our fellow human beings. Whether it’s a disease, a vaccine, or a microwave.

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