David Ayer defends “his” Suicide Squad and his “Ayer Cut” which has never been shown

“I put my life into Suicide Squad. I did something amazing. My cut is a complex and emotional journey …”

“My turn !“It is with this rather astonishing message, posted on social networks, that David Ayer hopes to set the record straight. While The Suicide Squad revisited by James Gunn has just been released in theaters, the director of the first version appears to be responsible for the total failure of the 2016 film. Suicide Squad was very different from the product released in theaters.

In a three-page letter posted to Twitter, Ayer distances himself from both the Warner Bros. but also with the director cut “done in 10 weeks“who also appeared, claiming that he cannot be paired with either.

“I put my life in Suicide Squad. I did something amazing. My cut is a complex and emotional journey with “bad people” who are shitty and rejected (a theme that resonates in my soul) “, Ayer wrote in his note. “The studio edit is not my film. And my edit isn’t that 10-week director’s cut either. Mine is a fully mature edit made by Lee Smith, based on the insanely pissed off work of John Gilroy. That’s the whole brilliant score of Steven Price, without a single song that airs on the radio in the entire movie. It’s a montage that has traditional character arcs, amazing performances, solid 3rd act resolution. If somebody says he saw it, it is not true, he did not see it. “

David Ayer goes on to say that no matter what people say about him he’s not the type to give up. However, he also says he’ll never tell his side of the story, which is what happened with the studio at the time. Because he is from the “old school” and that he prefers to be silent despite the waves of criticism against the film.

The filmmaker concludes by saying he is spinning off from James Gunn and delighted that the franchise Suicide Squad get the “legs she needs “ and that he will support everyone along the way.

Since the publication of his post, DC fans have been intrigued and a hashtag #ReleaseTheAyerCut came out on the web …

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