David Fincher cast Ben Affleck using Google Images

The director chose the actor of Batman V Superman for “his very particular smile.”

Gone Girl of David Fincher, will be rebroadcast on Sunday evening on France 2. The director had revealed on his release his strange method to cast the main actor of this twisted thriller.

David Fincher: “There is a twist in Gone Girl, but quite frankly that’s not what interested me”

In the movie, Ben affleck sees his wife embodied by Rosamund Pike mysteriously disappear on their fifth wedding anniversary. At first compassionate, the relatives of the couple will gradually have doubts about the sincerity of the husband and even end up suspecting the death of the young woman. The American comedian, 42, who has redeemed himself with credibility since his success behind the camera (notably Argo), was chosen by David Fincher for a singular and well thought out reason, as the director then confided in Playboy. The American filmmaker had indeed a very precise idea of ​​Nick Dunne – his main male character full of contradictions, lies and cracks -, and in particular of his very particular smile, between seduction, guilt and unease, playing on the ambiguity that emerges from it.

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During his thoughts on finding his actor, Fincher googled different actors to find his rare pearl: “When you are preparing the casting for a film, you imagine your actors in the most critical situations of your script. In the story of Gone Girl, there is this scene where the main character has to smile near the portrait of his missing wife, in front of the local press and all the inhabitants of the city. I then went to Google Images to see photos of actors I was thinking of for the role, and when I typed “Ben Affleck”, about fifty photos where he appears in public with that smile I was looking for appeared on my screen. It’s a very special smile. You feel that his smirk is meant to put people at ease, but at the same time he becomes very vulnerable, and then, we can perceive his smile differently and have a darker perception of it. ” Even if he is very happy with his choice and the result with Ben affleck, we also learn in this interview that Fincher first offered the role to his favorite actor, Brad pitt, with whom he toured Seven, Fight Club and The strange story of Benjamin Button. He confides in fact that he first always proposes to Brad pitt male roles in his films: “It’s not because I’m pathetic, but rather because he can be anything.”

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