David Fincher’s Netflix project will be Voir, a documentary film series

No Mindhunter – season 3, despite this 24 hour teasing …

Netflix fueled fans’ impatience this week by teasing that they had a big announcement to make regarding David Fincher. No wonder, since the filmmaker signed a four-year contract with the platform, to produce and / or direct new content, following the success of its series Mindhunter, Love, Death and Robots or his film Mank. Except that many fans of his series on the FBI unit created especially to track serial killers immediately thought that the platform would finally announce its recovery, the story being on stand-by after two breathless seasons. It was unlikely, the announcement being made by the account “movie” platform, and Fincher was reluctant to continue Mindhunter in recent months (not to mention that the contract of its actors did not run until the third season and that they have all since left on other projects …). Would he then deliver the full cast of his new film, The Killer, for which only Michael Fassbender was announced? Unless he’s working on another secret feature film?

David Fincher is “probably” done with Mindhunter for good!

The suspense lasted 24 hours, and finally, Netflix announced last night the launch of See, a documentary series on cinema, which will be co-produced by Fincher and David Prior (the horror series The Empty Man, on DisneyPlus). It is presented as “a collection of several visual essays on the love of cinema.”

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