David Harbor talks about Stranger Things 4, which will open towards the end of the series

Jim Hopper Stranger Things season 3

“As far as places are concerned, we see the bigger picture. And we introduce new things.”

The shooting of season 4 of Stranger Things is not finished yet but David Harborhe is on a promo tour for Black widow. So he took the opportunity to slip in some info on the future chapter of Netflix’s fantastic series, which will mark a first step towards its end:

First, everything is bigger. This is the first thing “, begins Harbor in an interview with Collider. “In terms of scope, ambition, it will be bigger. Just in the idea that we won’t be just in Hawkins anymore. When it comes to places, we see the bigger picture. And we introduce new things“.

Stranger Things: new students and new storylines for season 4

But at the same time, the plot of the series tightens in preparation for the series’ conclusion, as the actor tries to put it without saying too much: “We end in a certain direction to (bring the series) to a clear, clean, specific, definitive ending at some point … but that I can’t really speak to. “

In any case, David Harbor ensures that this season 4 of Stranger Things “is really my favorite season. I love it. The scripts are always improving. They go in different directions (…) I feel like it’s gonna be a big and beautiful season. I can’t wait for people to see it .

This season 4 of Stranger Things won’t air until 2022 on Netflix.

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