David Harbour’s incredible message to Winona Ryder: “You are the beating heart of Stranger Things”

stranger things season 4 hopper joyce

Jim’s interpreter is full of praise for his playmate.

Hopper and Joyce are obviously very close, too, off the show. David Harbor has just published on his Instagram account a powerful tribute to Winona Ryderin comment of a photo of the flagship couple of Stranger Thingsteasing an intense reunion in volume 2 of season 4.

The vital beating heart behind every season of Stranger Thingsit’s the breathtaking performance of Joyce and Winona Ryder. This has been the case for the past seven years”he wrote before predicting: “Joyce will save her son, all the kids from Hawkins, Hopper, and even the questionable magnetism of her fantastic kitchen magnets!”

We suddenly imagine that the last two episodes of season 4, to be seen on July 1 on Netflix, will be very strong for Joyce and Hopper. And we start to fear for their happy ending…

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