David Lynch publicly charges Vladimir Putin and the war in Ukraine

David Lynch
David Lynch Youtube Screenshot

“My advice is to save yourselves, save the Ukrainians, save this world.”

He’s not one to keep his thoughts to himself. David Lynch enjoyed his last Weather reporthis daily YouTube post, to send an emotional message to Vladimir Putin, unreservedly condemning Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

In this video from last Friday, he tells the Russian President that it is now inevitable that “death and destructionn “will come for him.”You will reap what you have sown!”

In this video, which is directly addressed to the boss of the Kremlin, he begins: “Mr. Putin, we as human beings are in charge of how we treat our fellow human beings. And there is a law of nature, a hard and fast law for which there is no escape: we harvest what is being sown! And right now, Mr. Putin, you are sowing death and destruction. It all depends on you. The Ukrainians did not attack your country. You entered and attacked their country. All this death and this destruction will come back to haunt you. There is an infinite time, life after life after life, during which you will reap what you have sown! My advice is to save yourselves, save the Ukrainians, save this world “, chain David Lynch.

“Start getting along with your neighbours. Start making friendships. We’re a global family. There’s no room for that kind of nonsense anymore. Deal with it. Stop this attack. Let’s work together so that all the countries of this world can live in peace and get along with each other.”

David Lynchwhich hasn’t shot anything since Twin Peaks: The Return in 2017, will make a guest appearance in Steven Spielberg’s upcoming autobiographical drama, The Fabelmans.

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