Death of Anne Rice, author of Interview with the Vampire

Anne Rice
Pacific Coast / Abaca

The novelist died at the age of 80. She leaves behind a rich work, sold in tens of millions of copies.

Anne Rice, legendary author of the novel series Les Chronicles of the vampires, died at the age of 80 from a stroke. It was her son, Christopher, also a writer, who broke the sad news on Facebook. “ The immensity of our family’s grief cannot be overstated. As a mother, her support for me was unconditional – she taught me to embrace my dreams, reject conformism and challenge the dark voices of fear and doubt. He writes. ” As a writer, she taught me to challenge gender boundaries and surrender to my obsessive passions. “.

Born in New Orleans in 1941, Rice published her cult saga for 42 years (and sold over 150 million copies), beginning in 1976 with Interview with a Vampire, adapted for the cinema by Neil Jordan in 1994, with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in the principal roles. In 2002, Michael Rymer transposed on the big screen Queen of the damned, film much less successful. Rice’s latest book, Blood Communion: A Tale of Prince Lestat, date 2018.

In 2022, an Interview with a Vampire series is due to launch in the United States on AMC, and Witches of Mayfair (another saga of the author) was also optioned by the American channel. Anne Rice will be buried in New Orleans.

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