Death of Betty White: the queen of American comedy was 99 years old

The Craquantes and The Proposition actress (starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds) was preparing for her 100th birthday.

“Even though Betty was going to be 100, I believed she would live forever.” It is with these words that the agent of Betty white, Jeff Witjas, broke the sad news to the magazine People, Who had just dedicated his cover to the actress : the 99-year-old actress died on December 31, 2021. “I don’t think she was afraid of dying, because she always wanted to be with her beloved husband Allen Ludden. She thought she would be by his side again”, he adds.

Born January 17, 2022 in suburban Chicago, Betty White modeled and appeared in commercials before being spotted in Hollywood and engaged on television. She was famous for her joie de vivre and her scathing repartee, appearing in many comedies since the 1950s. Especially for the small screen: in the United States, she was a star thanks to the series The Crunchies, following three singles in their fifties sharing a villa in Miami, which hit NBC from 1985 to 1992. A channel that trusted the actress from 1954 by offering to host a show, The Betty White Show, on which she was also a producer (a rare position at the time for a woman). In 2010, she caused a sensation by hosting another cult show, the Saturday Night Live, thus confirming its popularity with several generations of spectators. It must be said that in the meantime, she played in many series, The Cruise has fun at Love glory and beauty Passing by Community Where That 70’s Show. Topher Grace also paid tribute to his “granny” of fiction on Twitter when he learned of his death:

In the cinema, Betty White has turned less, but we can cite Hell rain and Lake placid, filmed in the late 1990s, as well as the comedy Proposal (2009), where she gave the answer to Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds (who she publicly joked with this week). She has also voiced several animated characters, such as Noriko in Ponyo on the cliff, Grammy Norma in The Lorax or a certain Bitey White in Toy story 4.

“It’s amazing that I’m still in this business, and that you still support me!”, she amused herself by receiving a tribute at the 2018 Emmy Awards, a ceremony that has often rewarded her during her career. Among the many messages shared in her honor since the announcement of her death, that of US President Joe Biden illustrates how much Betty White was loved in her country of birth: “Betty White has put a smile on the lips of generations of Americans. She is a cultural icon that will be sorely missed.”

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