Death of Jean-Paul Belmondo: the last film he never made

Fabien Onteniente had planned a “trip to Belmondie”, with Antoine Duléry in particular. But “The hat trick” never saw the light of day.

A Man and his Dog. Francis Huster’s film will remain as the very last role of Jean-Paul Belmondo. Died yesterday at the age of 88, the actor had not filmed for a decade. However, Bébel almost made a last lap, to Fabien Onteniente.

The director of Camping had indeed planned to film Jean-Paul Belmondo one very last time, in a sort of great tribute film, “a trip to Belmondie with our favorite hero who was traveling with his two sons (who would have been played by) Benjamin Biolay and Antoine Duléry”, revealed Onteniente last night, on the set of Do not touch My TV. But needed a budget, the project was never able to materialize.

“It was a dream for me, for us, with Antoine Dulery, with Jérôme Tonnerre who had written a wonderful screenplay. And then, we had really done everything: the tests, the costumes … We had gone very far. it was missing about 900,000 euros that we have never found. Moreover, Brigitte Macron had helped us because she really wanted this film to be made. And then it was finally left in the drawers. a regret…”

An ultimate feature film in the form of a “road movie” for Jean-Paul Belmondo, which should have been called The hat trick, as a last nod to the former boxer’s passion for football and sport and in general.

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