Deb will be featured in all of Dexter’s new season, here’s how

Dexter Debra

Jennifer Carpenter confirms her presence: “I do not consider her as a ghost but rather as a link”.

We now know for sure: Jennifer carpenter will appear in the next revival Dexter. And not just a little. The actress will not only make an appearance in the form of a wink. It will be present throughout this season 9. And inevitably, one wonders how … Attention spoilers!

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Indeed, Deb, the good sister of Dex, was killed in the finale of the series. Then Jennifer carpenter explained to the American press how his comeback would come about: “I don’t consider her a ghost [en soi] but rather as a link, an echo or an awkward truth around Dexter. She comes back in a way to haunt him, to punish him, but also to take care of him, provoke him and love him.. “

Michael C. Hall clarified that Deb will be “a character internalized by Dexter. It represents how low he has fallen… without a compass. I was so excited for Jennifer to do this because I knew she would be able to shape shift and come to haunt Dexter in so many different ways. It was really fun opening up the inner landscape of Dexter. In him, it’s much more pyrotechnic and crazy than before.

Dexter: New Bloods, in 10 episodes, will be launched on Sunday, November 7 in the USA.

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