Demon Slayer the Infinity Train: Breathtaking Animation [critique]

Slayers rule the box office!

Before we start, a little background: written by a star of the genre, Demon slayer is a manga that is all the rage (the series has exceeded 150 million copies sold worldwide). The story takes place during the Taisho era (1912-1926) and tells the quest of Tanjirō, a young orphan boy in search of a remedy to heal his sister, Nezuko, transformed into a demon who will choose the path of the slayers. His epic, furious and fantastic, was the subject of an adaptation in series then in the cinema with this Demon slayer the infinity train. When the film begins, our two heroes and their friends board a fantastic train (the famous infinity train) and are charged with a delicate mission: to eliminate a demon that is rampant through the wagons and who is in it. already at 40 victims …

In Japan, Demon Slayer becomes biggest blockbuster of all time by beating Spirited Away

Released on the first Wednesday of the reopening of theaters in France, this manga immediately broke attendance records. Normal: the beauty of the fights and the intensity of the scenario could not but satisfy the fans. The music (and singer LiSA’s voice) is epic and the animation is very spectacular. To the point of causing chills … But not only: Demon slayer also benefits from a moving script that often recalls the importance and beauty of human life. A word of advice all the same: do not hope to discover this fabulous universe with this film. Demon slayer is the direct sequel to season 1 – to see only after the manga at the risk of getting lost!

Editor’s note: ⅘ By Gaspard Raimbaud

Goodbye Cons and Demon Slayer relaunch the French box office for the reopening of theaters

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