Denis Villeneuve adored Tenet by Christopher Nolan

“I think it’s a masterpiece, an incredible cinematic achievement.”

“I was blown away by Tenet, explains Denis Villeneuve at the microphone of the podcast of Cinemablend, recorded just before the US release of Dune. I find it a masterpiece, an incredible cinematic success. It is also a very complex film. I had a lot of fun in front, I saw it several times and with each viewing it was better. For me, the mastery level of Christopher Nolan is unbeatable. He’s by far one of the best directors in the world today, but people don’t realize his level of mastery in directing, it’s crazy. Crazy ! Every time Chris releases a movie, I have to see it in the cinema. You can’t see a Nolan movie at home, that doesn’t make sense. First, you have to see it on the big screen to measure its full impact. It’s fascinating to see him evolve from one film to another, and always push further, technically, in terms of narration, and each time reinvent himself. For me, it is deeply inspiring to watch this master at work. “

Christopher Nolan: “Tenet synthesizes everything that has obsessed me for years”

This declaration of admiration to Christopher Nolan falls soon after the departure of the filmmaker from Warner Bros, where he had worked for two decades. Following the decision to release all of the 2021 films in parallel in US theaters and streaming on HBO Max, the studio has received a lot of criticism, including from in-house directors including Nolan and Villeneuve. Ultimately, Dune has just been released in the United States with this “day and date” formula and has got off to a good start this weekend by earning over $ 40 million there. Globally, the sci-fi film has already passed 200 million dollars, which is encouraging in the perspective of giving it a sequel.

Here is the trailer for Tenet :

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