Denis Villeneuve looks back on the failure of Blade Runner 2049: “At least I still have the right to make films”

“It was a dangerous game. On Dune the pressure is different …”

In full promotion of Dune, Denis Villeneuve returned to the microphone of the podcast of MTV, Happy Sad and Confused, sur other films of his career, for example Blade Runner 2049, which was acclaimed by critics in 2017 (especially for its freedoms taken with the original work), but flopped in theaters by collecting $ 256 million in global revenue including less than 100 in the United States for 150 million official budget. The director is well aware that this flop could have cost him other projects, but assures that the stakes of Dune are very different.

Denis Villeneuve on Blade Runner 2049: “We created a monster”

“For me, the miracle with Blade Runner 2049 is that I can continue to direct films and answer interviews, explains the filmmaker. I knew when I did that I was flirting with disaster, I put myself in great danger artistically. As Christopher Nolan told me, I was walking in sacred land. It’s true. It’s a sacrilege, what I did. I was told, ‘Don’t do that!’ The fact that I’m still here, making films … At least I still have the right to make films, I haven’t been banned from the group of directors. It was a dangerous game. With Dune, the pressure is different. On Blade Runner, I had to be disrespectful to Ridley Scott’s masterpiece. It was more of an act of love. There, it is completely different. I have to play with the pressure of the dreams I had as a teenager. I was a big dreamer, I dreamed big when I was younger. This teenager in me is totalitarian and I had to make his dreams come true. That was it, the biggest challenge on Dune.

Here is the trailer for Dune, currently at the cinema:

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