Denis Villeneuve on the creation of Dune: “I enjoyed, there is no other word!”

The director assures us that Dune 2 could be shot in the fall of 2022.

In a long interview given to our Canadian colleagues from Press, Denis Villeneuve talks about the creation of his highly anticipated Dune and discusses many topics, from streaming platforms to his relationship with Warner, to his friendship with Christopher Nolan. ” I am relatively serene », Assures the director, a few weeks before the French release of his blockbuster. ” I say “relatively”, because I will really believe in the release of this film the day it will be shown in theaters and that by walking around, I will be able to see the title on the marquees of cinemas. There have been so many postponements, crises, changes, that I will believe it only when the public can see it. Behind the scenes, it’s intense. Bringing a film of this magnitude into the world, on the entire planet, is complicated.

He adds feeling ” a joy like I have rarely known (…) Whatever happens, I take this film completely. Honestly, if someone told me tomorrow that I could no longer make films, my first emotion would be one of immense gratitude. It is an esti [sacrée, NDLR] lucky to have been able to do that with so much pleasure. I enjoyed, there is no other word!

Denis Villeneuve also takes the opportunity to discuss Dune 2, which could be shot next year: “ I am currently working on writing the treatment we are to present to Frank Herbert’s beneficiaries. I also have an excellent relationship with his son Brian. Then, everything will depend on the reception that the first film will get. When I shot it I was well aware of it all and really enjoyed myself. I told myself that if ever the adventure had to end there, I would have satisfied part of my dream, satisfied a certain part of my desire. Since the studios love the film a lot and are proud of it, I think it would have to go really badly for the second part not to have the green light. But it remains in the order of the possible. In December, we should know. The script will then be relatively well advanced and I think, realistically, that we could start filming in the fall of 2022. It would be pretty quick, but it would be good.

The interview can be read in full on the website of Press. Dune will be released in theaters in France on September 15, several weeks before the United States.

In the cast, we will find Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac or Zendaya. Watch the trailer:

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