Denis Villeneuve smashes Marvel films and gets insulted by Neill Blomkamp

The director of Dune finds that the super-films are “made in the same mold”, “cut and paste” of each other.

If he never staged one, Denis Villeneuve has been asked several times about Marvel super-productions during the promotion of Dune, the sci-fi movie that just hit theaters clearly being thought of as the start of a franchise. From the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, he considered in particular that there were too many Marvel films which are nothing other than“a copy and paste of the previous ones.” Comments relayed in the English-speaking press, such as The Playlist, which made another director react, Neill Blomkamp. The creator of District 9 shared this quote on his Twitter account while commenting “What a *** asshole”.

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Why so much hatred towards Denis Villeneuve? Is he tired of debates between filmmakers around Marvel films (Martin Scorsese’s critics have for example made a lot of noise lately)? Is he jealous of his colleague who was able to collaborate with Ridley Scott on Blade Runner 2049 while he himself saw his projectAlien 5 killed in the bud by the director / producer? Or does he just hate the director of Sicario and First contact ? Hours after this murderous tweet, Neill Blomkamp responded to a comment below this post to say thathe showed himself “sarcastic” and that he “adored Villeneuve”.

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A lot of noise for nothing ? Denis Villeneuve has in any case expressed criticism of Marvel’s super-productions several times. In the interview he recently gave us, he detailed as follows: “For me, the very notion of” auteur film “is overused. As long as you feel a personality in a project, that it is an artistic object and that there is a will at work, it is It’s not a question of money. But how we approach cinema. The problem today… Well, if we’re talking about Marvel, the thing is, all these films are made according to the same mold. filmmakers can add a little color to it, but they’re all molded in the same factory. It doesn’t detract from the films, but they’re formatted. Dune is extremely personal. Whether it cost $ 3 million or $ 300 million, whether it cost $ 3 million or $ 300 million. there is a Dune film or three. I fully claim its authorship. I tried to make the most popular film possible. A film for all, unlike the previous ones, which were all in an adult “space.” Too violent. There, I thought of the young audience, I opened the windows; I tried to be general public. The very nature of the novel, which is addressed to everyone and in particular to young adolescents. I tried to be more rhythmic, more accessible. I loved doing it. “

Here is the trailer for Dune, currently at the cinema:

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