Diabolical: why you have to see the animated series before season 3 of The Boys

Homelander The Boys Diabolical

Homelander is back this Friday on Prime Video. With eight crazy little episodes of a brand new animated series…completely related to The Boys.

Apart from Vought’s YouTube videos, Seven on 7we had no more news from the supes of The Boys from a lease. They’re back in top form in a brand new animated series, titled Diabolical. A crazy cartoon made up of 8 separate episodes, directed by different directors and each featuring its own style of animation, in the vein of Love, Death and Robots from Netflix or Star Wars: Visions from Disney+.

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Just a little delirium to make the fans wait before season 3 of The Boys ? No, Diabolicalit’s more than that.

Because the stories told in the new series are officially “canon,” meaning they’re potentially part of its expanded mythology. Thus, it could be that some details will be mentioned here or there in future plots of The Boys. We obviously think of episode 8 of Diabolical, which is squarely a flashback to Homelander’s life. We discover his origins, his tortured childhood – in the literal sense – and his first chaotic steps with the Seven. In particular alongside Black Noir, the false Batman of the band, who was the number 1 of the Supes until then … and who did not hesitate to cover the first bloody slippages of Homelander, from his very first mission. While keeping an eye on him since…

Diabolical Homelander

“We conclude Diabolical on this vision of Homelander because it felt like the best transition to season 3 of The Boys“, explains the creator Eric Kripke to Collider. “We intentionally ended with this story, which is canon, about the relationship between Homelander and Noir, because it will be part of the story of season 3.

In this sense, it is crucial to delve into the macabre delights of Diabolicalwhich delivers other revelations about the world of The Boys. For example, did you know that there are a host of kids with wacky powers on this Earth because the Compound-V injected into them at birth transforms DNA in completely random ways? It’s the lottery! Some will fly. Others end up with boobs in the middle of the face…

the boys diabolical

In another episode, we discover The Great White Wonder, another super powerful and slightly crazy flying superhero, who is about to join the Supes Hall of Fame. In this same episode, we find Billy Butcher and Hughie, who get their hands on the dealer of the Seven. The one who provides them with the gear, all of them. And it might come in handy later…

Season 3 of The Boys will debut on June 3, 2022 on Prime Video.

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