Did Tom Holland make an appearance in Euphoria?

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As the end of season 2 approaches, fans think they saw the actor in episode 7 of that same season.

The series created by Sam Levinson Euphoria is approaching the end of its season 2, the last episode of which will be broadcast on Sunday evening across the Atlantic before arriving in France on Monday. And his penultimate episode caused a sensation with the fans! Masterful episode evolving around a play created by Lexi, a character played by Maude Apatow, it consists of comings and goings between the stage and the audience, Lexi’s play telling the story of the main characters of the show. And in the middle of the audience, the fans ofEuphoria are convinced to have recognized a head foreign to the series: Tom Holland.

The actor has several times expressed his desire to make a surprise appearance in the series. During an interview with Zendaya during the promotion of the film Spider-Man: No Way Homethe main actress and co-producer of the series Euphoria replied that she was in (what better than to have her boyfriend in his series?), but since then, nothing had been announced. Still, fans were on the lookout.

If this remarkable appearance during episode 7 suggests that Tom Holland attended Lexi’s play, other fans claim that it is fake news: other screenshots of the series would show on the contrary that the actor is not part of the audience.

Let the fans be reassured: if the interpreter of Peter Parker and boyfriend by Zendaya isn’t in Season 2, there’s nothing to say he won’t make a proper appearance in the show’s next season. Even the actressesEuphoria seem to agree (via IMDb): for Sydney Sweeney (Cassie), high school students have “much need Spider-Man to save the day because it’s shit at Highland High School”. An opinion partly shared by Nika King who camps the mother of Rue and thinks that he could intervene in a “fantasy sequence” of season 3.

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Before finding the high school students of Highland, the amateurs ofEuphoria will be able to attend the season 2 finale on Sunday February 27 on HBO and in France on OCS. As for season 3, we will have to wait a little longer.

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