Did you know ? Borsalino, cult film starring Delon and Belmondo, was deprived of TV for 12 years

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Did you know ?  Borsalino, the movie starring Delon and Belmondo, has been deprived of TV for 12 years

A conflict between the two actors ended in court, and then the rights to the film were blocked.

Tonight W9 will rebroadcast Borsalino, classic gangster movie directed by Jacques Deray. Feature film event of the year 1970, it marked the meeting of two big names of French cinema already at the height of their popularity: Alain Delon and Jean-Paul Belmondo. Gathered in front of Deray’s camera, they carried the book to the screen Bandits in Marseille by Eugène Saccomano, adapted for cinema by Jean-Claude Carriere. The relationship was more tense than expected between the two men, the release of the film even leading to a trial: the name of Jean-Paul Belmondo was written after that of Alain Delon on the poster of Borsalino, while their contracts stipulated the opposite … the case finally had to be settled in court! Bébel emerged victorious in 1972.

Jean-Paul Belmondo: his cult interview for Premiere of 1995

Despite this war of egos, Borsalino will be as expected a huge success with 4.7 million entries, one of the highest scores of the two men’s careers. Four years later, Deray will also shoot a sequel, Borsalino & Co, always with Delon but without Bébel. The conflicts surrounding the film did not end there, however: between 1995 and 2007, the rights of Borsalino are blocked by Paramount, so it can no longer be shown on TV. After this affair, the first program, on December 4, 2007, was an event, then its DVD release in a restored version, in 2009, was in turn a great success, proof that Borsalino has not lost any of its popularity over the years.

Borsalino’s story: In the 1920s, in Marseille. Poli and Marello, two bosses of the underworld, share the city and own everything: police, industry, justice, bars, brothels … Two young men, Capella and Siffredi, however begin their ascent and set out to conquer the city. Devoid of scruples and imaginative, the two thugs attack the gangsters in place and manage to “own” Marseille in their turn, in front of a powerless police. Capella then decides to withdraw …

Trailer :

Alain Delon in 8 unforgettable and unsurpassable performances

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