Did you spot Negan’s son in The Walking Dead season 11?

Negan Walking dead

Jeffrey Dean Morgan disguised his baby boy as a zombie. The cutest guest star of the series.

He went to visit dad at his workplace. Little Gus Morgan, son of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, is lucky enough to be the offspring of Negan’s interpreter in The Walking Dead. So the production offered him a small participation in the series.

The young boy had the right to be made up as a zombie in the episode “Out of the Ashes” of season 11. He thus played a little “walker” harassed by a group of idiotic teens that Judith Grimes quickly goes. put back in its place.

A cameo that made mom and dad proud. Hilarie burton did not fail to congratulate his little one who took it upon himself during the make-up session: “I know adults who can’t sit in a make-up chair that long. I’m so proud of my little magician! His very first job!

And her father Negan to comment: “My little guy. Me, Hilarie and Georges, we are super proud of Gusy Dean. Thanks to The Walking Dead and Greg Nicotero for making this dream come true… one hell of a dream! “

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