Didier Bourdon and Christian Clavier reunited at the cinema by the co-author of Tuche

Didier Bourdon and Christian Clavier reunited at the cinema by the co-author of Tuche

Julien Hervé is preparing a comedy about “a very pretentious wine owner in Bordeaux”, explains Clavier.

In full promotion of What have we all done to God?the third part of the humorous saga of Philippe de Chauveron, Christian Keyboard reveals that he will soon be teaming up with Didier Bourdonhe is starring in another comedy, Building permit. The actor of Splendid and that of Inconnus have already worked together in the theater, when they played on stage La Cage aux Follesin 2009, and they sometimes replaced each other in the cinema (Bourdon succeeded Clavier in the saga Teachers), but they had not yet given the reply on the big screen.

It will soon be done thanks to Julien Hervé, the co-author of Tuche with Philippe Mechelenwho has finished writing the next Asterix for Guillaume Canet and is preparing a comedy for the very popular duo: Christian Clavier and Didier Bourdon each attract millions of spectators to the cinema, bringing them together in the same film should be synonymous with success in theaters. If he does not give a title for the moment, the actor of Visitors tells the JDD about this project: “It’s a comedy about a contrasting social relationship, between a very pretentious Bordeaux wine owner married to Marianne Denicourt and a family of car dealers embodied by Didier Bourdon and Sylvie Testud. My daughter is going to marry their son. Needless to say, I’m very unimpressed. As a gift, to make us pass the pill, our children offer parents and in-laws DNA tests. Which obviously will reveal strange things…”

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