Didier, it’s a tour de force [critique]

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CStar takes advantage of Euro 2021 to rebroadcast Alain Chabat’s comedy about football.

Marking the first steps ofAlain Chabat behind the camera, we find in Didier, César for best first film in 1998, all the ingredients of humor “Dummies”. Absurd, wacky and slightly disturbed, this comedy, led by the duo of good friends Chabat-Bacri, recounts the adventures of a grumpy and sullen football coach (no need to name him you know who it is) who is entrusted by a friend the care of Didier, his endearing Labrador. When this one takes by enchantment the physiognomy of a man, the cohabitation becomes more complicated. Chabat excels in his canine performance.

At its output, Alain Chabat had agreed to cover First, specifically number 239 (February 1997). If he admitted in an interview that he didn’t know much about football, but that he had been able to count on his friend Dominic Farrugia to give him good advice, the actor and director explained that he had written the lead role specially for Jean-Pierre Bacri, sadly disappeared at the start of 2021, a few weeks later his film partner Caroline Cellier.

When Alain Chabat presented Didier in Première: “C’est un film de mates”

In his review of the film published in First on his release, Gilles Verdiani, greeted “the invention and the fun of this first film” : “To fold yourself in half with a standing story, to interest yourself for an hour and a half in a totally impossible character, it is a tour de force.”

The trailer for Didier :

What is “Chabat humor”?

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