Die can wait director finally explains the end of his James Bond

Cary Joji Fukunaga says that the end of the last 007 was well and truly planned from the start.

Warning, big spoilers on approach if you haven’t seen To die can wait.

Released (finally) in theaters in early October, To die can wait raised nearly $ 774 million worldwide, making it the third biggest global success of 2021 so far, behind two Chinese films, Hi, Mom and The Battle at Lake Changjin -even if Spider-Man: No Way Home is well on its way to overtaking it. But even if the last James Bond was doubled at the box office by the last Spidey, he accomplished a major and unprecedented feat in the saga: killing his main character. At the end of the film, James Bond (Daniel Craig) sacrifices himself to save Madeleine (Léa Seydoux) and their film, by disappearing under a hail of missiles. 007 is dead.

An unprecedented experience in the saga, and very rare in the blockbuster landscape where heroes almost never die. This idea of ​​killing Bond for real was present from the start of the project anyway, as the director of To die can wait, Cary Joji Fukunaga, in an interview with Empire magazine : “When I first met Daniel and the producers, they told me that was how they wanted the story to end”, he explains. “They felt it had to be a real end.” Normal, since Daniel Craig already thought to kill 007 since his arrival in the franchise … But how do you make Bond’s death live up to the myth? The director – who also collaborated on the script – admits having struggled, “Because it couldn’t be a conventional action thing… it couldn’t be some demonic thing out of nowhere, either, it had to tie in with the central theme of the story.” And so was born the idea of ​​having Bond infected with the virus activated by DNA, preventing him forever from seeing his great love and their daughter again.

Daniel Craig knew the end of Dying Can Wait for 15 years

What if you ever had any faint hope that Bond survived his experience of carpet bombing, Fukunaga sets the record straight: Bond is indeed dead. “I didn’t try to let the doubt hang out,” he said. “I wanted to be very clear. But I also wanted to do this without bad taste. We didn’t want to do the same kind of shot as in Terminator 2, where Sarah Connor turns into a skeleton. But we didn’t want to either. no longer make it seem like he was going to jump into a manhole at the last moment. So we composed a wide shot of the island being bombed, to mix the large scale and the small scale. “

Well, that said, there are two more scenes after Bond’s death: a scene where his colleagues at MI6 pay homage to him (and where 007 is nicely represented by a glass of scotch), and another where Madeleine begins to tell the story. Bond legend to his daughter: Ultimately, this beautiful end scene is for Fukunaga “the last sentence of the last paragraph of the last chapter of a book, and we tried to make that satisfactory.”

To die can wait will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on February 16. And if Craig’s Leap is dead, don’t panic, the producers will soon make him come back as another actor, in another storyline …

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